Large Sawtooth Hangers with Screws

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100 heavy duty steel sawtooth hangers measuring three inches (76 mm) wide and 200+ #6 x 1/2 inch Phillips head screws.

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Product Description

Each order comes with 100 heavy weight steel hangers and more than 200 screws. Made with steel, the hangers are strong enough for large frames and small enough for accent frames! The hangers are plated with yellow zinc and will not rust, bend or defect. They feature a center button for marking the wall. Each hanger measures 3 inches wide by 5/16 inches tall, with 1/8-inch rise off the frame. Screw holes are on 2-3/4 inch centers.

More than 200 screws are included in the package. Who hasn’t been frustrated to get to the last project and find you are short just a few screws? Philips head screws are made of a high quality magnetic steel, making for installation with a magnetic tipped screwdriver easy! The #6 by ½ screws are plated with bright zinc to blend with the hangers. Hangers are also designed to be installed with staples if desired.

Both the hangers and screws are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in the United States! American Market Store brand products guarantee high quality and customer satisfaction every time.


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